Connected Energy

Connected Energy are pioneers in the energy access sector, combining remote sensing and internet of things technologies to create monitoring and control systems that collect and analyse data in real-time. The system integrates into our asset management software platforms, incorporating pay-as-you-go facilities and notifications to asset owners or maintenance and service personnel if problems occur. Connected Energy’s first products are designed to increases transparency and efficiency in delivering affordable renewable energy, specifically biogas and solar, to those living off-grid. Their ‘last-mile ICT’ products enable micro-utilities, developers, NGOs and product manufacturers to lessen the burden of cost on consumers and increase quality of service. Connected Energy is the trading name of Connected Energies Technology Ltd., a company registered in Scotland (No.SC572953), and the organisation is committed to adopting an open source approach to product development alongside collaboration with local energy providers.

For further information on Connected Energy Technologies Ltd. please visit their website, follow them on Instagram or Twitter using @lastmileict, or contact