CREATIVenergie was established by Gareth Selby and Joel Chaney in 2013, with the aim of increasing access to sustainable energy for life. They achieve this through collaborative innovation; simplifying technologies to reduce barriers to accessing renewable energy sources; providing training and training materials on sustainable technologies; promoting energy equality and conservation of natural resources; carrying out research into sustainable development and renewable energy technologies; the promotion of sustainable means of achieving economic growth and regeneration. The CREATIVenergie team are motivated by their Christian faith, passionately committed to working with integrity, stewarding resources wisely, and advocating the relevance of Christian faith to the environment and energy access. CREATIVenergie is a registered company in England and Wales (No. 08771953) and a charity registered in Scotland (No. SC047910), with well-established partnerships in Kenya, Tanzania, Ghana, The Philippines and Mongolia.

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