Mission Statement

The Open Energy Access Alliance was established by a small group of organisations, sharing the belief that access to energy is fundamental for human and economic development and that decentralised approaches to energy provision are vital for achieving universal energy access. The founding members’ common passion is to facilitate access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy sources, in line with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal 7. In order to achieve this, each organisation is proactively committed to the open source movement, including the utilisation, development and sharing of open hardware, software and data. We encourage technology transfer to the countries requiring greater levels of energy access, and we advocate the open source approach as a crucial technology transfer mechanism - allowing, rather than restricting, further development or modifications by other people for specific contexts.

Organisations sharing our passion for, and commitment to, facilitating greater access to energy, through an open source approach, are welcome to apply for membership. All members must agree to and sign the Open Energy Access Alliance Declaration.

Open Energy Access Alliance Declaration

In joining the Open Energy Access Alliance, members agree that:

  1. A significant1 part of their technology and/or data, that is relevant to the energy access domain, is fully open source, including designs, codes and manuals, using the CC-BY-SA 3.0 licence or updates thereof;
  2. Technology and/or data will be made available through the Alliance within 12 months of a product being released to market;
  3. Open source code will be available through a shared and easily accessible repository;
  4. An Alliance website will contain information about members and their products;
  5. Members may wish, but are not obliged, to enter into commercial arrangement with other members when working with their technologies;
  6. All modified technology must be shared with the Alliance promptly, under the same licence that the original technology was shared under, and must be shared through the Alliance;
  7. ‘Authorship’2 must be clearly noted for original and modified technology;
  8. To join the Alliance, an application for membership must be approved by greater than 50% of the members;
  9. With approval of greater than 50% of the members, a member may be removed from the Alliance, should they be in breach of any of these terms.

1 To be determined by current members on application by a prospective member.
2 Authorship includes the personnel, affiliation, work done and dates of completion of work on technology available through the Alliance.